Multi Jet Fusion - Finishes & Colors

About the Multi Jet Fusion Process

Our MJF process prints very fine grow lines, giving it the appearance of an injection molded part. Please note that the MJF process will always produce a textured, light satin finish. For a different result, another technology may need to be selected, or a post process applied to the product.

What types of finishes are available?

Currently, there are three types of finishes available for MJF parts:

Standard Finish - Dyed

Color: Black
Resembles the finish of a textured injection molded part.

Standard Finish - Not Dyed (with SHOTSHEEN®)

Color: Natural Gray
Resembles the finish of a textured injection molded part.

Custom Finish - Standard
Plus Secondary Painting

Color: Various Colors and Finishes
Standard colors are available, or we can color match. Multiple finishes available, such as: gloss, matte, satin, textured, etc.

What is the SHOTSHEEN® finish?

The SHOTSHEEN® finish is our trademarked finish. Unlike most MJF finishes, it resembles an injection molded part. We achieve this through an automated process, which results in numerous advantages over standard and manual finishing processes:
  • Improved finish
    • Resembles a textured injection molded part finish
    • Powder is uniformly removed
    • Sharp edges and details are preserved
    • Finish is glossier and more suitable for dyeing
  • Improved surface hardness
    • Parts are durable and scratch resistant
  • No additional costs
    • Because this is not a manual process, there is no added labor cost
Find out more about the SHOTSHEEN® finish by reaching out to us at or calling 908-685-2211.