Vaporsmooth - the next level in 3D printing Finishes

Vaporsmooth - the next level in 3D printing Finishes
SICAM is excited to announce that we are adopting a new post-processing operation: VAPORSMOOTH. By investing in Additive Manufacturing Technologies’ (AMT) PostPro3D® patented technology we take MJF finishing to a new level.
For over 30 years, SICAM has continued to discover and implement new processes. Through our distinctive blend of technologies, SICAM has developed a unique post-production process which achieves a finish that is not common to 3D-printed parts.
For the past three years, SICAM has utilized a 3D printing process called Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) to produce thermoplastic nylon parts. Our MJF technology builds nylon parts by printing a fusing agent on thin layers of PA-12 nylon powder. A heat lamp then fuses the printed geometry on each layer to form the final parts. Most MJF 3D printing processes would end at this point with a FLAT finish product which is porous, rough and naturally gray or dyed black. However, as one of the pioneers in 3D printing, SICAM recognized the importance of post-processing operations which led to our development of SHOTSHEEN. Our SHOTSHEEN process results in a semi-gloss finish.
You may already be familiar with our innovative SHOTSHEEN® finish, but you can learn more here: SHOTSHEEN®

How our VAPORSMOOTH finish solution works:

  1. This new service uses a physical-chemical-based vapor BLAST process that can smooth a wide variety of polymers. The process can also smooth complex internal cavities.
  2. The technology is highly controllable, allowing reproducible results with no degradation of a part’s mechanical properties.
  3. During the BLAST process, the surface of the material is redistributed in a controlled manner. This enables various surface effects to be achieved on the part, including different color saturation and gloss levels. The effect allows MJF parts to achieve an injection molded finish.

VAPORSMOOTH now joins our family of finishes for MJF:

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Standard Finish


  • Flat chalky finish.
  • Non-Scratch Resistance
  • Non-Uniform Color


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Shotsheen Finish

  • Semi-Gloss Textured Finish
  • Harder & Scratch Resistant
  • Uniform Dyed Color
  • Automated Process for consistent quality results
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Vaporsmooth Finish

  • Gloss Textured Finish
  • Sealed Non-Porous Surface
  • Improve mechanical properties
  • Chemically Smooth Process
  • Automated Process for consistent quality results

Below, you can see examples of parts processed with the VAPORSMOOTH finish:

SICAM is unique in its ability to combine SHOTSHEEN with chemical smoothing to create VAPORSMOOTH to achieve the best finish obtainable.
Have questions about VAPORSMOOTH, SHOTSHEEN®, or MJF production in general? Reach out to us at
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