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Let your Designs EvoLVe

Let your Designs EvoLVe

Introduction of Somos EvoLe 128

Sicam officially releases Somos EvoLVe 128 into production after weeks of evaluation.

EvoLVe 128’s biggest advantage involves part processing rather than actual physical properties. The advantages are:

Faster Production:

EvoLVe 128 requires less energy to cure which allows us to scan faster and reduce build time.

EvoLVe 128 is less viscous which allows for faster settling times between layers.

Increased Accuracy:

EvoLVe 128 produces parts with sharper edges and finer features.

Reduces Post Processing:

EvoLVe 128 parts clean easier which allows for faster removal of supports and finishing.

Increased Reliability:

EvoLVe 128 crashes less in building which allows for increased throughput.

In Summary:

EvoLVe 128 has significantly improved our throughput and deliveries. Neither Sicam or our customers can see any significant differences in the material even though the physical properties suggest it is more rigid.

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