Is Multi Jet Fusion just another 3D printer?

Is Multi Jet Fusion just another 3D printer?

Multi Jet Fusion is the 3D Printing innovation of the year - The latest in large scale 3D printing technology and it was developed by HP.

In over 27 years of doing 3D printing (yes 3D Printing has been around that long), we have seen companies and technologies come and go.

There was the Solid Ground Curing (SGC) which was photo-polymer cured resin, by masking the geometry and curing with a lamp. It never caught on and hasn’t been produced since 2002.

Then there was Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) which cut sheets of paper with a laser that were laminated together to build a 3D model. It supposedly would tend to catch fire, so we don’t see that technology either.

Now Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing is the 3D Printing innovation of the year - The latest in 3D printing technology and it was developed by HP.

What is Multi Jet Fusion?

“The capacity to separate the processes of re-coating and printing/fusing during the printing stage – making it possible for each process to be separately optimized for performance, reliability and productivity.”


"HP Jet Fusion 3D printers deliver high build quality at up to 10 times the speed of traditional 3D printers, and at the lowest cost relative to competitive 3D printing solutions in the marketplace today."

- HP

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This video shows how Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing works...
It is more than just another 3D printer and here’s why:
  1. The machine is fast. It prints parts up to 10 times faster than any other 3d printing technology.
  2. Material costs are very competitive, it has some of the lowest cost material of all other 3d printing technologies.
  3. They are nylon like materials that can not only be used for prototypes but are a good substitute for short run production parts.
  4. The material is powder and itself supports the parts, reducing labor costs in post processing and finishing.
  5. Very low scrap rate, the process allows for 80% usability of unfused powder.
  6. It uses a prove industrial print head technology that HP has used for years.
  7. It was not developed from a Kickstarter campaign but from a company that has the resources to pull it off. They wrote the book on product development, so they have the management and technical skill to produce a product that will work when released to the market.

The future for the technology is even more exciting including other materials, colors and mixed properties.

We would be glad to discuss what this can do for your next project!

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