Check Out Our New Online Quote and Ordering System!

Check Out Our New Online Quote and Ordering System!
At SICAM, we’ve spent almost three decades perfecting our 3D printing processes. Now, it’s easier than ever to get a quote online and even place an order instantly. To get started, simply log in to your account; or, if you don’t have one yet, you can register by clicking the link at the top of the page.

How to Get an Instant Quote

Step 1 - Select Your Technology
First, select the technology you’d like to use. Currently, you can choose either SLA (Stereolithography) or MJF (Multi Jet Fusion) printing.

Select Technology

If you are looking for something more complex, or the technology that you wish to use is something other than these two options, you can request a custom quote.
Step 2 - Upload Your Part Files
Next, you can drag and drop or select the files for the parts that you’d like to upload. Acceptable file formats include .stl, .iges, and .step.

Upload Parts

Once you have uploaded one or more files, click, “Process Files into Quote.” Please wait a few moments while the files are processed and analyzed to get you the best possible price for your selection.
Step 3 - Modify Your Options
Once your parts have populated in the space below, you’ll be able to change the options for each part. At any time, you can add additional files and process them into the quote.

Select Options

Here is a breakdown of each piece of information in the first line:
  • Line – The line number.
  • File Name – The name of the file uploaded.
  • Status – The status of the uploaded part. Hover over the icon and it will let you know if it uploaded and evaluated correctly. Any errors or oversize parts will be reported here.
  • 3D View – If you want to see a 3D view of your part, you can click here.
  • Units – If you uploaded an .iges or .step file, the system will automatically detect its units and convert it to Inches. If it is an .stl file, you will need to toggle this button to select the correct units. Note: If you change the units, you will need to click the “Update Price” button to update the price for the change.
  • Qty – Set the quantity of parts you desire. Note: If you change the number of units, you will need to click the “Update Price” button to update the price for the change.
  • Unit Price – The price per piece.
  • Total Price – The total price per line.
  • Delete – If you check the box on the line and click the “Delete” button, it will delete the lines that have a box checked. If you click the “Delete All” button above it, all lines in the cart will be deleted.
Below is a breakdown of the information in the second line, which gives you additional options:
  • Info – Hover over this label and you will see the specs of the analysis of your part. Note: A corrupt or erroneous file may alter these specifications, so you should confirm they are correct.
  • Reset – This button will reset all the options to a basic part and the default settings.
  • Type – This is used to select a “Basic” or “Custom” part. A basic part is a quick delivery part with minimal options. A custom part requires secondary operations and may increase the lead time. If you click the dropdown and hover over a selection, you will see a detailed description of each selection.
  • Material — Depending on the technology you selected, you will have different materials to choose from. Multi Jet Fusion materials include PA-12 and PA-12 GB, while Stereolithography materials include SOMOS Evolve and SOMOS 11122.
  • Finish — The available finishes are also determined by the technology you select. For SLA, you can choose vapor honed or strip and ship. For MJF, your piece will have our exclusive SHOTSHEEN® finish.
After you’ve finished making your selections, be sure to click “update prices.” You can also easily test different “what if” scenarios in this way to help you get the parts you need at the best possible cost. You can even switch back and forth between SLA and MJF to compare price and lead time — the system will remember your options for each technology.
Step 4 - Save Your Quote
After you’ve finalized your selections, you have several options available:
  • Save, View or Print Quote — This is used to save your quote for future reference. View the quote to print it, or email the quote to yourself.
  • Proceed to Order – This is to add the additional information, such as shipping and payment, to place an order.
  • Display Terms – This displays the terms of the quote.
  • Compare Techs – If you have been comparing prices for different technologies, this is a useful selection. Click the button and you will see a display showing cost comparisons between different technologies.
Once you have saved your quote, you can return to it at any time in the next 30 days and turn it into an instant order — it’s that easy!

Select Order

If you have any questions about our new ordering system, please feel free to reach out at any time by giving us a call or emailing
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