Multi Jet Fusion compared to Selective Laser Sintering


Now that MJF (Multi Jet Fusion) is being used to make parts, everyone is asking how is this different than SLS. In this blog I will try to explain some of the similarities and differences.

SLS has been around for a long time. It was originally patented by Carl Deckard and Dr. Joe Beaman in 1997. The patent expired in 2014.

MJF is a new technology that was developed by HP. It has only been commercially available in 2017.

A “GOOD” STL! What’s That?

How to create a good STL file from your solid modeling software...

A “GOOD” STL! What’s That?

The STL file format has become recognized as the standard for RP machines. Note that STL files are produced by CAD systems that are based on surface and/or solid modeling only. 2-Dimensional and Wireframe CAD systems do not output STL files.

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