Architectural Models with Sharp Details

Architectural Models with Sharp Details

Sicam received a call from an architectural client explaining that they had a very important customer presentation in 4 days. They needed SLA models to show their latest design. We suggested they send the design to us and we would let them know if it was possible. They said “Ok” but they weren’t sure when the design would be done…..


Sicam knew from experience what needed to be done to make the project successful.

These types of models require extra attention to resolve the following issues:

  - Multiple shells in the model require excessive supports and creates confusion for the preparation software regarding which feature belongs to which shell.

  - The features, when scaled down, are so small that they will not print and require modification to increase their thicknesses.

Fortunately, the very experienced engineers at Sicam use a technique called “shrink wrapping” which allows them to remove the “noise” and produce workable STL files to produce successful parts.

The parts were produced and delivered in time for the presentation and apparently sealed the deal.

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