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Polyjet Matrix Prototypes

"Polyjet Parts ...Quick.. Multiple Materials... and Soft Durameter Parts!

  • Multiple Materials in part
  • Rigid and Soft Materials
  • Low Cost / Fast Delivery

Our Checklist of Advantages

  • One stop source
  • Online link to ERP system
  • Complete Model Shop
  • Latest Resins
Typical Applications... Overmolded Parts- Gaskets- Seals

One of the main advantages of PolyJet technology is that you can print a 3D prototype with multiple materials in multiple colors in one build. It is the only rapid prototyping technology that can produce a rigid part with a flexible soft over-mold, which simulates a production over-molded plastic part.

Multiple Materials in One Part

With Polyjet Matrix printing the machine can print two different materials in the same run. This becomes useful to produce prototypes of over-molded parts.  The part can have a rigid case with a soft over-molded exterior.  The materials can also be interlaced to give different durometer values.

Low Cost / Fast Delivery

Until now if you wanted to make a prototype of a soft durometer part or an over-molded part, it required making a pattern, a mold, and then casting it  urethane. With Polyjet Matrix you can make a part faster and at a reduced cost.

On Line Ordering

Our advanced online system not only lets you get prices and place orders it is fully integrated into our ERP system.  Your orders are automatically entered to our order entry system with all the information you provided with your order including the files. The system automatically delivers the order with all the details to our process engineers to build your parts immediately.  Use our online system to find the status of your jobs and to track the parts when they are shipped.

Complete Model Shop

We have a complete model shop, giving us the ability to prepare patterns, install threaded inserts, paint and texture parts, and apply deco and printing on parts. We can fixture multiple parts to create large assemblies in our facility. If you need to implement a design change, no problem, many times it can be done by our model-makers without making a new part.
About Polyjet content

About Polyjet

With the introduction of the Connex machine, Objet has taken PolyJet technology to a new level called PolyJet Matrix.

PolyJet Matrix opens up virtually unlimited opportunities for closely emulating the look, feel and function of final products. It can in a single build process, print parts and assemblies made of several materials with different mechanical and physical properties.

For parts that require soft materials or to produce a prototype that requires a soft overmold, this machine can get it done