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Urethane Cast Prototypes

"Urethane Prototypes ...Quick.. Low Cost Tooling... and Large Parts!
  • Parts in 2 weeks
  • Small to Large Parts
  • Low Cost Tooling
  • Variety of Materials
  • Quantities 5-50 pieces
  • Lowest Cost

Our Checklist of Advantages

  • Casting parts since 1991
  • Variety of Colors
  • Online link to ERP system
  • Custom Texture
  • Complete Model Shop
  • Parts Cast under Vacuum
Typical Applications... Prototypes- Small Lot Production

SICAM’s urethane castings closely simulate injection molded parts which give our clients a fast low-cost process for producing prototypes and low- volume production parts without the high cost of metal tooling. Having a wide variety of material to choose from allows us to provide parts for a wide variety of applications and serve many industries. Our fully integrated QA system with our in-house manufacturing systems provides our clients with an integrated source for their Rapid Prototyping & /Rapid Manufacturing needs.

Parts in 2 Weeks

Typical lead time is two weeks for first parts from the mold.


Since 1991 SICAM has been providing our clients with high quality urethane castings for both prototyping and production. SICAM technical knowledge and experience in both SL (Stereolithography) VCM (vacuum cast molding) is what sets us apart from our competition. SICAM consistently delivers precise form and fit urethane casting thus providing our clients with the highest quality in the industry, with consistent and reliable on-time deliveries..

Small to Large Parts

SICAM’s large volume capabilities can create a single part as large as 22” x 22” x 34”  with a maximum shot size of 8 lbs. (3.63 kg).

Parts Cast Under Vacuum

We cast urethanes using VCM technology. VCM (Vacuum Cast Molding) uses MCP casting equipment that casts parts under vacuum. The resins are mixed poured and the mold is completely cast under vacuum. This produces a stronger part with fewer voids. Since the material is not pushed into the mold with pressure it creates a more accurate part with no mold distortion.

On Line Ordering

Our advanced online system not only lets you get prices and place orders it is fully integrated into our ERP system.  Your orders are automatically entered to our order entry system with all the information you provided with your order including the files. The system automatically delivers the order with all the details to our process engineers to build your parts immediately.  Use our online system to find the status of your jobs and to track the parts when they are shipped.

Complete Model Shop

We have a complete model shop, giving us the ability to prepare patterns, install threaded inserts, paint and texture parts, and apply deco and printing on parts. We can fixture multiple parts to create large assemblies in our facility. If you need to implement a design change, no problem, many times it can be done by our model-makers without making a new part.

VCM Colors

Below are Standard Colors that can be used in VCM Prototypes. Colors will vary in different resins. All colors can be lightened by adding white. Call our customer service representative for a sample chip in the resin you select. Custom colors can be matched for an additional charge (2-3 weeks lead time to match color)


These colors are a representation of the actual product and may vary depending on your monitor's settings.

Sable Sea Foam Nile Green Bone White Sand Buff
Light Gray Country
Forest Harvest
Pewter Ford Blue Spring
Pale Buff Slate
Sun Gray Stormy
Lime Dover Sky Brown
Metal Aqua Safety
Tan Blush
Charcoal Jade Spencer
Beige Safety Red
Sky Blue Ivy Safety
Maplewood Red
Blue Green Orange Lemon Autumn
Mustard Raspberry Tile Red Brick Red Voilet

Threaded Inserts

Sicam uses trisert inserts in all its SLA Models and Prototypes.


TRISERT Inserts are internally and externally threaded metal bushings that are installed in plastics and soft metals to provide stronger threads than the base plastic or metal can offer. They tap their own threads as they are driven (turned) into drilled or cored holes. The three, full-length, external flutes provide a balanced, full cutting action. Chips and dust are retained in these flutes and the inside threads stay clean. This is especially important in electronic or electrical work where contamination can cause serious problems.

To make installation easier, TRISERT Inserts have a lead on both ends permitting manual placement by feel and making hopper feed practical for automated production.

U.S. Part Number Metric Part Number A
U.S. Thread Size
Metric Thread Size
Outside Diameter
Outside Thread
F Starting Hole Size
256J9-12 2004J9-12 2-56 M2.0 x 0.4 .141 .188 9/64-48 .122 .044 .124-.129
440J11-15 3005J11-15 4-40 M3.0 x 0.5 .172 .234 11/64-40 .149 .074 .149-.156
632J14-18 3506J14-18 6-32 M3.5 x 0.6 .218 .281 7/32-32 .189 .092 .190-.198
832J16-21 4007J16-21 8-32 M4.0 x 0.7 .250 .328 1/4-32 .219 .092 .222-.230
1024J19-24   10-24   .296 .375 19/64-24 .261 .102 .259-.270
1032J19-24 5008J19-24 10-32 M5.0 x 0.8 .296 .375 19/64-24 .261 .102 .259-.270
25020J24-31 6010J24-31 250-20 M6.0 x 1.0 .375 .484 3/8-20 .330 .130 .330-.343




TRISERT Short Series Inserts are short on length but long on holding power. They offer all the advantages of the regular TRISERT Inserts–simple and fast installation, clean internal threads, and outstanding resistance to torque and pull-out. They are ideal for applications requiring a shorter length self-tapping insert
U.S. Part Number Metric Part Number A
U.S. Thread Size
Metric Thread Size
Outside Diameter
Outside Thread
F Starting Hole Size
256JS9-9 2004JS9-9 2-56 M2.0 x 0.4 .141 .141 9/64-48 .122 .035 .124-.129
440JS11-11 3005JS11-11 4-40 M3.0 x 0.5 .172 .172 11/64-40 .149 .042 .149-.156
632JS14-14 3506JS14-14 6-32 M3.5 x 0.6 .218 .218 7/32-32 .189 .054 .190-.198
832JS16-16 4007JS16-16 8-32 M4.0 x 0.7 .250 .250 1/4-32 .219 .058 .222-.230
1024JS19-19   10-24   .296 .296 19/64-24 .261 .065 .259-.270
1032JS19-19 5008JS19-19 10-32 M5.0 x 0.8 .296 .296 19/64-24 .261 .065 .259-.270
25020JS24-24 6010JS24-24 250-20 M6.0 x 1.0 .375 .375 3/8-20 .330 .084 .330-.343

Tolerance VCM

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Since 1990....
Accelerating customers' product development with proven rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and manufacturing solutions.