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Machined Prototypes

"Machined Prototypes - CNC Accuracy from CAD data
  • Advanced CNC Equipment
  • Lastest CAM Software
  • Economical for Metal Parts
  • Highly Accurate
  • Different Materials

Our Checklist of Advantages

  • Experience in different methods
  • Can mix technology for best solution
  • Experience in machining castings
Multiple Applications... Highly Accurate Prototypes- Short Run Production


Using state-of-the-art CNC software and equipment, Sicam can quickly machine parts directly from your CAD data. Sicam combines the best modern technology with hands-on experience to provide an excellent finished piece at a great value.

Advanced CNC Equipment

The accuracy and repeatability of your parts is insured by our advanced CNC equipment. From our high speed spindles, quick change tool holders and multiple axis your parts are made quickly and with the greatest precision.

Latest CAM Software

Working from a 3D CAD database, SICAM has the manufacturing software that will generated the tool paths required to produce 1 to hundreds of parts. It is our many years of experience in using this software coupled with our vast knowledge of feeds and speeds for a variety of materials, that makes every project successful.

Economical for Metal Parts

Laser sintered powder metal technology has made great improvements in recent years.  In spite of that machining for the most part remains a better economical and quality solution. Parts can be made less expensive, quicker, more accurate and with a better finish.

Highly Accurate

Accuracy and precision are the greatest benefit of CNC machined prototypes. It isn't limited to the accuracy of a layering technology.

Different Materials

We can machine virtually any engineering material – foam & tooling board, plastic, and metals.

Experience in different methods

Since we can provide different methods of producing prototypes, we have the experience to recommend the correct method for your part. We often mix technologies to bring the most economical solution to the customer. It could be a urethane casting with secondary machining or an SLA part with brass threaded inserts.

Experience in machining Castings

Castings do vary dimensionally from piece to piece. Secondary machining is done to improve the accuracy and repeatability. This can only be done successfully if the fixture is done right. The knowledge and experience to fixture castings correctly is the key to machining castings accurately. Without the proper fixture the castings would distort after machining, not providing the proper accuracy.