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Injection Molded Prototypes

"Low-Cost" Injection Molded Parts in Production Material
  • Parts in 3 weeks
  • Complex Part Design
  • Fast Delivery
  • Production Materials
  • Low Cost

Our Checklist of Advantages

  • No compromises on geometry
  • No compromises on quantity
  • No compromises on tolerance
  • No limitations on resins
  • Quick execute quality system
  • Modifications possible
Real Part Applications... Medical- Industrial- Telecomunications

Since we use tool steel to build our inserts you are not limited to low temperature resins or resins without fillers. We have made prototypes from polypropylene to stainless filled nylon. This means you get prototype parts from production materials.

Parts in 3 Weeks

Typical lead time is three weeks for first parts from the mold. This may differ depending on parts size and complexity.

Complex Part Designs

Our tools are produced with a combination of machining and EDM. This allows us to produce parts made with corners and features not possible with tools produced by machining only. Our modular tooling allows for undercuts and side pulls. Your design for prototypes will be the same as your production design. If it can be made in a production tool it can be made in our prototype tool. We have no limitations in part geometry or complexity.

Low Cost

Working from a 3D CAD database, SICAM has automated the mold design and manufacturing process to deliver real molded parts in a modular tool. With these tools only the inserts are custom and the rest of the tool uses our custom standard modular frames. With this service, the cost of a PMT tool can be as much as 50% lower than traditional Aluminum tooling and can be produced in one-third the time..

No Compromise on Quantity

1-50,000 pieces or more, our PMT tooling is so durable that it doubles for bridge tooling or low volume production. It exceeds the durability of other prototype tooling..

No compromises on Tolerance

Standard commercial SPI tolerances can be held with PMT tooling. Since the tools are made from P20 tool steel and they are cooled similar to production tooling you can expect the same results from our PMT tooling as you can from production tooling. Unfortunately other prototype methods will have different results as their process and materials are quite different from production materials.

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