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Offshore Manufacturing

Parts....Assemblies...& Finshed Goods
  • Parts
  • Assemblies
  • Decorating & Finishing
  • Procurement
  • Lowest Cost

Our Checklist of Advantages

  • Total Project Management
  • Product Design / Engineering
  • US Quality Standards
  • Import Export Services
  • Experienced Labor Force
  • Quality Systems
  • Advanced Facilities
  • Seamless Operations
Multiple Products... Industrial - Consumer- Medical


Whether we manufacture sub-assemblies or finished goods, our state-of-art facilities in the US and in China make us the partner to help you lower your total manufacturing costs. We offer complete project management service every step of the way.

Parts and Assemblies

In our factories in China we do complete injection molding of parts. We also do finishing and assemblies of products. We have partners in China that supply us with fastners, stampings, die castings and other special services such as platings, emt coatings and heat treating.

Decorating & Finishing

Any secondary operation operation can be done on parts. This includes painting, plating, pad printing and silk screening.


Having offices in both the US and Hong Kong we have the ability to procure materials and services throughout the world. Our expertise in import and export policies prevents us from being limited in sourcing from anywhere in the world.

Lowest Cost

We pride ourselves on having a production system and manufacturing facility that can deliver the lowest cost for production. We don't cut corners to do this we just cut the waste. Starting with your order onto material procurement and right through shipping, we do it quickly, accurately and consistently. This gives us the ability to be very competitive in our pricing.

Total Project Management

Our US and China project management teams work in sync to keep your projects on schedule. Our constant communication and experience in the manufacturing processes eliminates the waste that allows us to be very competitive in our pricing. To back this up we will beat any legitimate price you can show us.

Product Design / Engineering

We have a staff of contract employees in both the US and China that can deliver engineering services. Whether your need is full designs from concepts. changing industrial designs to allow for manufacturability or just updating CAD models to be current we can supplement your internal engineering staff or services.


US Quality Standards

SICAM ensures compliance with our customer’s ISO 9002 quality levels every step of the way. We begin with our First Article Inspection Reports to evaluate your initial samples. We then develop our in-process Quality Instructions as guidelines through manufacturing, ultimately leading to our Final Inspection reports prior to shipment. Quality is ensured and constantly on the improvement.

Import Export Services

Our services include  importing and exporting. We are fully bonded and insured to protect any products that we import. Sicam can provide custom clearances and delivery of any size shipment to any location. We can ship by air ocean or rail.

Experienced Labor Force

Our employees are an integral part of our manufacturing assets that produce a wide variety of consumer products and electronics. Our highly skilled staff of industrial and manufacturing engineers, has allowed us to successfully service a wide variety of industries. Our China staff is multi-lingual and highly experienced while our US team understands the cultural nuances to be effective when working with China.

Advanced Facilities

Sicam ensures compliance with all labor and enviromental laws. We have offices in Hong Kong, and over 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space in multiple locations in Shenzhen and Dongguan.

Seamless Operations

It is easier than ever to create a seamless contact with the other side of the globe by partnering with Sicam. Our engineers have developed interactive editing of designs and specs over the web, allowing constant monitoring and interaction. Our many years of experience in China have allowed us to develop long term relationships, a true asset in the manufacturing arena.