Below are standard colors that can be painted on to sla presentation models. Custom color matches can be done for an additional charge and 1 week lead time

These colors are a representation of the actual product and may vary depending on your monitor's settings.

1503 Antique White 1504 Ivory 1506 Almond 1509 Navajo White
2504 Khaki 1808 Maize 1086 Sun Yellow 1807 Chamois
2406 Salmon 2101 Cherry Red 2508 Mahogany 2108 Banner Red
2118 Burgundy 1913 Purple 1914 Rich Plum 1912 Grape
1911 Violet 2414 Mauve 2117 Dusty Pink 2415 Rose
1901 Regal Blue 1910 True Blue 1900 Pacific Blue 1907 Navy Blue
1904 Teal Blue 2018 Light Sage 1905 Colonial Blue 2016 Emerald Green
3512 Sage Satin 2001 Hunter Green 2015 Teal Green 2003 Jade Green
2017 Pistachio 2501 Leather Brown 2507 Warm Brown 1607 Oyster Gray
1605 Stone Gray 1608 Smoke Gray 1606 Pewter Gray 2411 Pumpkin Orange
2403 Terracotta      


Below are Standard Colors that can be used in VCM Prototypes. Colors will vary in different resins. All colors can be lightened by adding white. Call our customer service representative for a sample chip in the resin you select. Custom colors can be matched for an additional charge (2-3 weeks lead time to match color)


These colors are a representation of the actual product and may vary depending on your monitor's settings.

Sable Sea Foam Nile Green Bone White Sand Buff
Light Gray Country
Forest Harvest
Pewter Ford Blue Spring
Pale Buff Slate
Sun Gray Stormy
Lime Dover Sky Brown
Metal Aqua Safety
Tan Blush
Charcoal Jade Spencer
Beige Safety Red
Sky Blue Ivy Safety
Maplewood Red
Blue Green Orange Lemon Autumn
Mustard Raspberry Tile Red Brick Red Voilet
The PMS and RAL systems are the two most popular color scales engineers use to specify color matches for their projects.  PMS is the most widely used in the US and the RAL system commonly used in Europe.
The simplest way of producing a quality color match is to provide us with a PMS number.  However if the color is specified in RAL or the LAB color scale we have an excellent source to do color matching from your samples.

Our factories work with Clariant International for all of our color matches.  Clariant is recognized as the leader in producing additives for resin2 to produce consistent results from lot to lot.  Clariant also has the experience to produce colorants that will maintain the V-0 rating is your resin when required.
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