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SLA Patterns

"Low-Cost" Patterns that are Accurate and Durable
  • Quick Delivery
  • Low Cost
  • Multiple Applications
  • Small and Large Patterns

Our Checklist of Advantages

  • Experience in Applications
  • Manage secondary operations
  • Turnkey Solution
Typical Applications... Urethane Castings- Sand Castings- Plaster Castings


With over 25 years of experience in Stereolithography and with the construction of thousands of SLA patterns, Sicam's quality and experience in pattern fabrication is second to none in the RP industry

Quick Delivery

We streamlined the process every step of they way. Your online orders are automatically entered into our ERP system and delivered to the process engineers workstation to be prepared for running in our fleet of SLA machines. From there they follow a bar-coded traveler through our facility to be cleaned and finished as per your specifications and inspected and shipped. This allows us the fastest possible delivery. Pattern are usually delivered in 3-5 days.

Lowest Cost

We pride ourselves on having a production system that can deliver the lowest cost or production. We don't cut corners to do this we just cut the waste. From order to materials to shipping, we do it quickly, accurately and consistently. This gives us the ability to be very competitive in our pricing. To back this up we will beat any legitimate price you can show us.

Multiple Applications

Since 1990 we have been making SLA Patterns for multiple applications. We made thousands of patterns for Silicon Molds used for casting urethane. We have made patterns for investment casting, sand castings and plaster cast castings.  WE also male patterns for blow molds, epoxy molds and vacuum forming dies.

Small and Large Patterns

The smallest pattern is limited by the with of a laser beam. With our proven methods of piecing multiple SLA parts together that are accurate and strong, we are able to make patterns as large as required.

Experience in Applications

In building patterns from Stereolithography since 1990 we have developed the techniques and coatings that produce patterns that work correctly for the application. Our knowledge of what makes a pattern perform correctly is what will make your project successful.

Turnkey Solution

We have the experience and alliances with key suppliers to manage the secondary operations. Don't be caught in the middle between the pattern maker and the caster of a failed project. We handle all the communications and technical requirements in insuring your project is a success. Save your self the time and headaches and chose us for a turnkey solution.