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Project Management

On each manufacturing project a project engineer in the US and a project engineer in China is assigned to the project.They each have many years experience in manufacturing and also with working with each other. They work together to develop with the customer and the factory the project scope.

Project Scope

The scope of the project would be:

  • The injection molds required.
  • Other tooling required, die castings, stampings etc.
  • Other outside services and partner selection
  • Tool design review
  • Part design review for producability
  • Material selections
  • Colors, textures and finishes
  • Quality documentation required
  • Manufacturing documentation required
  • Packaging and Shipping requirements

Project Schedule

For simple projects we use our EPR system to schedule. When the project involves multiple tools and includes non manufacturing activities then we develop a gannt chart to plan the project.

Tooling Selection and Procurement

Each part to be manufactured requires the correct tool to produce the part. Factors that determine that are tolerances, volume and economics.  Having the manufacturing experience to determine the correct tool is essential to provide uninterrupted production at a competitive price.

Material Selection and Procurement

Selecting the correct material for a project can be difficult because of all the available options in resins. While the designer makes his decision relating to his thermal, mechanical and chemical requirements other factors need to be considered. While specialty resins exist their availability and price may make them unrealistic selections. We have many Asian and US sources for resin and many times we can have our suppliers recommend an equivalent that is more available and less expensive.

Tool Design Review

A preliminary tool design layout is presented to the customer for approval before we will start construction of the tool. This approval is for gate and ejector pin locations so that these locations do not interfere with the product design.

Part Design Review

Part design reviews are important to communicate the design intent. Often these meetings can be done online using our Go-To-Meeting account. The 3d image can be reviewed with discussions on critical dimensions, design changes to reduce tooling costs and improve part quality, plus finishes and fits. This becomes especially important with prototype parts where usually no drawings are available.

Color, Textures and Finishes

Color matches can be made from a sample or from a pantone number. Finishes are made to SPI standards and textures are applied as per mold tech finishes.

Manufacturing Documentation

Besides the normal customer documents such as Engineering drawings, our Project, Quality and Manufacturing engineers generate the required documents for manufacturing the products. These include Work Instructions for each operation, In Process inspections procedures, Incoming inspection procedures, critical dimensions for first article reports, certification requirements and final lot inspection procedures.

Quality Documentation

In using the quality documentation generated by the engineers, records are kept of all the in-process inspections and final lot inspections. These records include the incoming inspections as well as material certifications. These records are traceable to the lots produced for each customer order.

Customs Documentation

Import goods without delay required planning. It is important that the proper import and export licenses are obtained to be sure all material, components and final good clear customs without delay. Selecting the proper HTS codes insures that a product will not be overcharged for with the incorrect import duties.

Packaging and Shipping

Whether it is by air, sea or ground, we can ship anywhere in the world. From one package to a full container we over full services including importing and freight fowarding. We are bonded and insured for all shipments.